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Hey! So Glad We Found Each Other.

A word to all writers

Anyone else feelin’ the struggle? You're brimming with ideas, thoughts pouring onto paper and you're eager to share them with the big bad world. But man, pitchin’ is a part-time job in itself, editors' mailboxes are bursting at the seams and the frustration is mounting. 


In a moment of self-empowerment, I said F#@k It - it's time to let my inner writing beast run free.

Oh and hi there - I'm Lee Jay, part-time fitness coach & Pilates instructor, part-time writer. I launched F#@k as a platform to let the creative juices flow and hopefully inspire others with conscious health & fitness, lifestyle and other such content for the curious.  


Don't be shy! This too is a space for other writers to share their big, bold and beautiful ideas with a supportive community. Go on, what's stopping you from getting in touch below?!

A word to F#@k It's readers

Continue to be your fabulous selves - fearless forces and adventurous in your choices. This content is for you, to inspire, inform and encourage you to trailblaze your own path, whatever and wherever your walk of life.


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