5 Instagram partner workouts trending right now

By Lee Jay

What better way to kill time with your significant other or friend than with a sweat inducing, core shaking workout? A new trend making the rounds on Instagram, partner workouts are #sonow. So, with nothing but hours to pass, what are you waiting for?

1. Balance Pushups

Quite frankly, my pecs are shaking just watching this fit AF duo. Switch up the partner on base during sets for a hotter burn!

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2. The Ultimate Partner Workout

If this doesn't get you pumped to wiggle into the sports bra, I don't know what will. Probably giving the burpee jump overs one round before calling it a day.

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3. The best friend workout

Coordinated in fashion and flexion, these workout besties breeze through a tricky strength routine to leave the abs on fire.

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4. The #koalachallenge

One the latest fitness crazes running wild on the gram, the #koalachallenge will test your strength, stamina and ability to keep a straight face.

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5. Squat Your Partner

Full disclosure, this is me, trying in earnes, to lower my glutes to the ground. But lockdown has weakened the quads and 'dig deep' took on a whole new meaning.

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